An Urgent Letter To Tahoetopia Webcam Viewers

May 19, 2020

Fellow Tahoetopians! We Need Your Help! 

 Our business model is coming under great pressure from an unprecedented collapse in advertising & sponsorship  revenues, and we’re asking for your help so that we can carry on our service ot providing you with imagery of places you truly enjoy. If you can, please consider supporting Tahoetopia and our affiliates with a commitment from as little as $3/mo. It only takes a minute and will make an immediate impact. 

Contribute NOW: CLICK HERE and  follow the simple instructions on the Tahoetopia Patreon page to donate and support Tahoetopia Webcams - now and into the future! 

Hello. My name is Eric T. Brandt. I am the founder and creator of and Destination Webcams. It is an honor and a pleasure to say hello to you, our worldwide community of webcam viewers. I am reaching out to invite and ask you to become a critical and integral part of the next phase of Tahoetopia's necessary, exciting and dynamic progression.  The circumstances I describe here are urgent, serious and dire. Please take a moment and read on for a complete explanation of the situation, our plan, and our request of you.

In case you're interested, here's a brief look back...

Live streaming webcams are my passion. I truly love the ability to deliver a dynamic and engaging live view of a unique and special "place" to anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet. For myself and our viewers around the world, It creates an emotional reaction - something akin to the old adage "the next best thing to being there".
We've come a long way since I launched my first live webcams in the San Juan Islands, WA. in 1997. That endeavor, known as "IslandCam" was followed a few years later with my installation of Squaw Valley's first old-school webcam back in 1999, and the first Tahoe City webcam, located at the Blue Agave/Tahoe Inn, in 2003. Today, we operate numerous high quality live webcams at locations around the west, including Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey, and Lake Havasu City, AZ.
With advances in camera and internet technology, Everything has changed. From my view (forgive the pun), it has kept and will keep getting better. From the early days of dial-up modem connections and twisting wires together to onnect cameras to massive desktop computers, to today's high speed connections, 4K cameras and numerous bells and whistles, it's been an exciting and rewarding adventure!
My goal throughout has been to provide you, viewers around the world, with exciting and enticing high quality live video imagery from spectacular and popular locations and destinations.
One of my (many) slogans over the years has been "Watch where you're going - Look where you've been". In many ways this sums up how our webcams have created a world-wide community of millions of viewers who love to take a look at the spectacular places our live webcams and other content provide. There are myriad reasons people take their first look, and even more reasons why they keep on looking.
Perhaps this sounds like you! You may be one of so many types of viewers - checking the water, the surf, the sunset, the snowstorm, the traffic, the trains, the beach, the slopes, the ice rink, the marina, the parades concerts and events, and on and on. You may have your own, specific thoughts and reasons. (I'd love to hear, about them! ), but you are part of an enormous global community that shares the same attraction!

As a small and very boutique business with a thin bottom line, I've strived from the beginning to keep things very streamlined - and sustainable. This has kept us afloat thus far, and even allowed for slow, but notable expansion into other destinations and webcam locations around the west. Today, however, forces beyond our control, and challenges being faced by our webcam hosts, sponsors, and partners are creating a trickle down impact on our own operations and bottom line. 
 As a result, the continued, uninterrupted operation of our/your webcams is in jeopardy.
To counteract the negative impacts of this situation, We've made several critical and necessary decisions and will soon be instituting changes in how we deliver our live webcam to viewers. Directly tied to this, I've decided to reach out to you, our community, our followers, viewers, and fellow webcam lovers, for your immediate and continuing help and support via donation and commitment reflecting your ongoing love, consumption  and appreciation of our product – live streaming webcam views of places you love. 

YOUR contribution WILL make the difference! PLEASE DONATE NOW: CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Via our newly launched Patreon account, we are urgently requesting your support of the continued operations of and our related webcam sites and locations via a commitment to a monthly donation - at an amount of your choosing -over the coming year and beyond. 
The amount you contribute is completely up to you. Our goal is to continue to provide you with uninterrupted, un-gated, 24/7/365  access to our webcams at places you love. 
Our dream and hope is that you, as a member of the Tahoetopia community, consider a commitment that reflects the value to you,  for access  – to watch your favorite locations ,live, at your leisure, anytime, from anywhere.

Welcome To Tahoetopia Membership!

Through our new new membership program via Patreon we will welcome your commitment at the level that works for you. As a member, you will receive continued, uninterrupted access to the Tahoetopia webcams as well as to a variety of other perks, benefits and opportunities - specifically for members.
I hope you'll give our situation and this humble, but serious request swift swift consideration. Your support will ensure that we can keep providing you with something you love and appreciate, all year long and in the process you'll be an integral component in helping us continue to expand and build a thriving community.  

How to get started and contribute NOW: CLICK HERE and  follow the simple instructions on the Tahoetopia Patreon page to  choose and your donation level and begin to lend your support today.  

I extend my heartfelt and sincere appreciation of your kind support. 

Thank you for being part of the Tahoetopia Community!

Eric T. Brandt 
President & Webcam Wizard